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All Saints’ Episcopal Church is located at 107 Curry Street, three blocks east of the Square in down town West Plains. West Plains has a population of approximately 12,000 citizens and is the county seat of Howell County in south central Missouri. Howell County boasts a growing population of approximately 40,000 citizens. West Plains has become one of the largest towns within a 100-mile radius across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

West Plains has something for everyone. Local businesses enjoy economic growth and activity from the entire region. Retirees with simpler goals have chosen to spend the best years of their lives here. Newcomers enjoy a thriving job market, affordable housing and a decent, safe place to raise their children. And, vacationers seduced by the abundance of outdoor activities return year after year to immerse themselves in the soul-soothing beauty of the Ozarks.

Everyone is welcome here. The people of West Plains are warm, the economy is growing, the climate forgiving and the landscape is nothing short of spectacular. More information regarding West Plains can be found at

All Saints is part of the Diocese of West Missouri. located in Kansas City, MO. Our Bishop is the Right Reverend Barry R. Howe. Established in 1890, the Diocese of West Missouri consists of a community of 13,000 members, 51 congregations, a hospital, a day school, a college chaplaincy, a retirement community, and a nursing center. More information about the Diocese of West Missouri can be found at

Upcoming Events

Maundy Thursday (April 17th)
Eucharistic Meal
All Saints' Episcopal Church
*6:00pm Meal
*7:00pm Compline
*Stripping of the Altar
Good Friday (April 18th)
St. Paul Lutheran Church
291 Kentucky, West Plains
*Noon: Worship for Good Friday
Easter Day (April 20th)
*8:30am Festival Eucharist, Rite I
*9:30am Easter Egg Hunt
*10:30am Festival Eucharist Rite II (with music)
Sunday April 27th
*8:30am Holy Communion
*9:00am Coffee Fellowship
*9:30am Sunday School
*10:30am Holy Communion